About Me

Hi, my name is Gabi, and I’m that girl in the photo above. I’m a junior at Maumee Valley located here in Toledo, Ohio. For the month of January, I am doing an internship here at Photography By K. This may sound strange, since I already work with Kathy, but let me explain.

Kathy hired me in October. Since then, I have done mostly desk work. I file paperwork, call customers, and keep track of Kathy. After I got hired, I mentioned Winterim at Maumee Valley to her, and thus, a plan was born. I would spend my Winterim working with Kathy, but instead of just doing desk work, I was to learn all about photography!

So here we are. During this month, a typical day will go as follows: In the mornings around noon, I will drive to the studio in Sylvania. There will likely be office work to do, such as contacting clients via email or phone, to schedule shoots and to receive payments. There will be a few clients throughout the day, occasionally in the studio, but mostly in various outdoor locations, such as the park or different buildings in Toledo. During these photo shoots, I would accompany Kathy. She will teach me different concepts in photography during this time. The Winterim day would probably end anywhere from 3 to 5 pm, changing depending on how busy the studio is on a day.

When there are no clients, Kathy would spend more time teaching me about photography, through reading, photo taking, and listening, but also to manage the office. At the end of my independent study, I will be able to show my new skill of photography via a mock photo shoot.


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