The Last Day

So, today is the last day of Winterim. While it’s bittersweet, I’m not sure whether or not I am excited to go back to classes, as I know that homework, tests, and projects will soon come back into my life. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

I edited Gavin’s photos last week, and the prints came here on Saturday too. They look very nice and I’m really excited to put them into my Winterim presentation.

I completed my presentation as well. It will be set up with the prints in the back, an iPad on each side to show my blog, Etsy store, and to look through the images I took throughout January manually, then my computer in the middle showing the video I made of the photos and Photoshopping I did. I’ll upload the video and you’ll see Gavin’s photos, Maria’s photos, photos from walking through Sylvania, and me Photoshopping Gavin and Maria.


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