My First Photoshoots!

Friday was an interesting day, to say the least. It began with going to photograph a house, while the owner was in it! I’d never taken photographs of a house while the owner was in it. It was a little strange at first, but once Kathy and I got into the swing of things, it wasn’t too different than normal. We went to work, and while the house doesn’t look particularly large from the outside, it was much bigger once we were inside. Kathy let me take a lot of the photos for this photoshoot, here are a few of my favorites!  4213 Graceway Dr

After photographing the house, we said goodbye to the kind owner, and went on our way to pick up Maria for her photoshoot. We got to the studio and got right to it. It lasted around an hour, then we viewed them on the computer/television. I noticed a general trend with the photos. In the beginning they looked posed, but as the photoshoot went on Maria looked more comfortable and toward the end we just took ridiculous photos. I opened one of them to show Maria how I would Photoshop the rest, and I used a Photoshop Plug-in called Portrait Professional. You pretty much select the persons main features, like their eyes, nose, mouth, etc. and you can change how they look. Maria’s unedited photo looked very nice but once I edited it, the new photo looked even nicer than the original. I’m not finished editing Maria’s photos, but once I am I will upload a few, and some of them will be used in my Winterim presentation.

Next up was Gavin’s photoshoot. Gavin is my brother, a 21-year-old college student, that is also a complete goofball. He agreed to come in for a photoshoot, and was very lively and excited at that. One thing that was difficult was that my brother has cerebral palsy. He’s a highly-functioning person, but one thing that is difficult for him is facial expressions, especially smiling naturally. When he tries to smile for photos, his smile ends up looking forced. So this photoshoot was challenging for the three of us. What I ended up doing was telling him to look at the camera as we would talk normally, then when he would laugh naturally I would snap the picture. So while there are a few that looked forced, many of them catch my brother when he is smiling or laughing naturally. Kathy told me that this kind of scenario happens frequently with children. So I suppose it was good practice.

On Tuesday I plan to work on editing these photos in Photoshop and getting a head start on them. I would say my first two photoshoots were a success. I think I learned a lot taking the photos, but I will learn even more when working toward getting them presentable.


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