A Cold Day in the Office

Today’s Goals:
– Crochet stock
– Invoicing
– Blogging for Photography By K

Today, I came in around noon, intending on catching up on some studio things and working on Photoshopping some of the portrait sessions. When I drove here, I noticed there were utility trucks blocking my entry to the parking lot. I thought it was strange, but I managed to park somewhere else.

I got into the office and it was cold. I turned the thermostat up, it was at 56! After about thirty minutes, there was no change in temperature. That’s when I went outside to ask the men working what was going on. Turns out, over the weekend they discovered a gas leak, so everyone’s gas has been turned off until further notice. I grabbed my keys and took a scarf, blanket, and extra sweatshirt that I had stowed away into the office and am currently typing this while Kathy is shivering and very frustrated. Well, I suppose I am too.

We are leaving soon to go heat up and get lunch, then we will be back. I don’t think I will be able to achieve much today, as the temperature in the building is dropping rapidly. I may be here until three, but once I can’t feel my fingers anymore to type, Kathy and I are leaving early for the day.



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