A Walk Through Sylvania

So, the last few days haven’t been that exciting. Yesterday and most of today were office days. Yesterday, I started a Photoshop course, which I’m learning quite a bit, however it’s difficult. Sometimes, the instructor on the video would do something that I don’t understand. I’d rewatch that part of the video several times, but it sometimes that wouldn’t help. So, I’d ask Kathy for some help in understand, which she usually explained it much better than the man in the video.

We also took down our Christmas decorations yesterday, which was sad. Now I look over to where the Christmas tree should be and the room just feels empty.

Anyway, today I spent a few hours working through that course and Kathy helping me along, then we went on a walk through Sylvania to get some pictures I could play with. Here are a few of my favorites:


There is a thing called “lens flare” in this photo. The are the light circles across the photo. Kathy told me that they are technically bad, but that artistically they can be a good thing.

IMG24506 IMG24506-2

This is the same photo, but the one on the right is slightly edited. I thought that the black window frames look more defined and stick out more in this photo.

IMG24521 IMG24519

I took some photos of icicles as well.


This photo was interesting to me. I focused on the lamp in this photo, but I could have focused on the weather vane. These would have resulted in completely different photos, right?  I’m learning that in photography, it’s a lot about how you want to feel when looking at the photo.

IMG24536 IMG24538

I saw several little crocheted bumble bees hanging on posts like these. I thought it was very strange, but I liked it. The second photo, I focused more on the “Do not enter” sign, than the lamp behind it. I wish I would have gotten a picture with the lamp more in focus and the sign blurred, but oh well.

I really liked walking around Sylvania taking photos today. I feel like I learned a lot more through doing than I did through someone telling me exactly what to do and how to do it.

I’m very excited for tomorrow. It will be a very busy day, but a fun one too. It’s photoshoot day! At noon, Kathy and I will meet up at the studio and go shoot a house, then, my friend, Maria and my brother, Gavin are coming to the studio! I am going to have my first real photoshoot with people! Then, next week, I will edit them and they will be used for my Winterim presentation. Let’s hope I’ll be able to show everyone what I’ve learned…


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